CyberKart meets AI

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, it is a "no-brainer" move to implement it and consider it for various operations within CyberKart's ecosystem.

  • Opponent Racing AI: AI-controlled opponents will compete against the player in races, exhibiting varying levels of skill and aggression. These opponents will dynamically adjust their racing strategies, such as speed, drifting, and use of power-ups, to challenge the player and provide a competitive experience.

  • Combat AI: AI-controlled opponents will engage in combat with the player during races, shooting projectiles or using other weapons mounted on their vehicles. The AI will utilize tactics such as strafing, evasive maneuvers, and targeting weak points to effectively engage the player in combat scenarios.

  • Obstacle AI: AI-controlled drones or obstacles will populate the race tracks, presenting challenges and hazards for the player to navigate. These obstacles may move dynamically, block certain paths, or actively pursue the player, adding an element of unpredictability to the race.

  • Power-up AI: AI is managing the distribution and utilization of power-ups scattered throughout the race tracks. This includes deploying defensive power-ups (e.g., shields) to protect themselves, as well as offensive power-ups (e.g., missiles, mines) to target the player or other opponents strategically.

  • Team-based AI: In multiplayer modes or team-based races, AI will collaborate with human players as teammates, coordinating strategies, providing support, and targeting opposing teams to achieve victory collectively.

  • Difficulty Scaling: AI will be dynamically adjusting the difficulty level based on the player's performance, ensuring a balanced and engaging experience for players of varying skill levels. This may involve adjusting opponent aggression, racing speed, and weapon accuracy to maintain an appropriate level of challenge.

  • Adaptive AI: AI will learn from the player's behavior over time, adapting its racing and combat tactics to counter the player's strategies effectively. This creates a more immersive and challenging gameplay experience as the AI evolves and becomes increasingly proficient.

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