In CyberKart races, you'll encounter hovering power-ups marked with question marks on the track. Driving through these grants you random abilities to enhance your race strategy.

AI is managing the distribution and utilization of power-ups scattered throughout the race tracks. This includes deploying defensive power-ups (e.g., shields) to protect themselves, as well as offensive power-ups (e.g., missiles, mines) to target the player or other opponents strategically.

First, there's Shield Protection, which guards your kart against hits and temporary damage from attacks.

Then there's Rocket Launchers, this feature allows you to use a crosshair🎯to target the Karts of other players and slow them down giving you the opportunity to speed past them as they recover!

Bombs are your offensive tool such as the Rocket Launchers, they allow you to shoot Bombs at your opponents Karts temporarily disabling them so you can overtake them.

Turbo provides instant acceleration, making you faster for a short period. Use this feature strategically to zoom past other Karts for a photo finish!

Lastly, Bullets, similar to the Rocket Launcher and Bombs this item allows you to attack your opponents Karts with a barrage of bullets making them spin around for a few seconds to recover, giving you the chance to overtake them.

Each power-up adds a unique dynamic to the race, making every lap unpredictable and thrilling.

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